DentaEvo arises as a mean of communication, spread and divulgation of dental knowledge and clinical experiences. It aims to cover the traditional topics of dentistry, such as periodontology, implantology, restorative dentistry, prosthodontics, endodontics and orthodontics, but at the same time it explores and gives first hand evidence for the new digital dental technologies applied to the dental workflow and latest techniques.

DentalEvo wants to be useful for all practitioners. The modality of consultation for each post, which relates to a specific topic, is articulated in three typologies: a short self-made video, some pictures (here called abstract) of the related clinical case, and its report presentation.

Using the left lateral buttons it is easy to find what you look for.
Start by selecting a Dental Category, or Technology, and then select the specialty: you’ll see all topics that match your selection. In the resulting list, you will be able to click and watch the video, see the clinical case or consult the lesson of each selected topic.

DentalEvo also aims to create an online Community based on international dentistry. You may be a part of it, and keep in contact with us, by simply following us on Twitter, “liking” us on Facebook, or connecting via LinkedIn.  As member of the DentalEvo Global Community, you can contribute, discuss, and interact with fellow dental professionals, you can post your own cases, questions, experiences and share solutions for the development of science and clinical practice of dentistry.

DentalEvo could also offer full dental articles and publications available on the interested topic, if requested.





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