18 April 2015

Direct restorations of ELLIS class II crown fracture: a step-by-step procedure

by Dr. Domenico Lafornara


Figs.1-3  Clinical  and radiograph views of the case. A typical Ellis class II without pulp damage.

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Fig.4  Resin composite build up of the two fractured teeth, without bonding, was performed in order to simulate the final result and show to the patient.




Fig.5  Impression of the resin composite build-up with elastomeric material.




Figs. 6-7  Morphology evaluation completed by white wax on the master model and die.

7 9



Figs.8-9 Transparent inter proximal sectional matrix pieces are placed within a transparent silicon palatal guide.

11 12


Fig. 10  After the surfaces were cleaned with pumice, shade selection is made.




Fig. 11 Final preparations of incisal edges.



Figs. 12-13  Steps of enamel-dentin adhesive procedures.

20 22



Figs. 14-17  Steps of the incremental layer procedures.

23 24 25 26



Figs. 18-19  Details of the restorations (vestibular and palatal views).

27 28



Fig.20 Front view of restorations at 1-year recall.



Fig.21 Radiograph at 1 year recall.


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