Replacement of old PFM partial crown with LiSi press onlay

1-2. Old indirect restoration made with porcelain fused to metal in need to be replaced because secondary decay




3-4. The onlay after being removed.

3a 3b4


5-6. Cavity after the onlay was removed.56


7-8. The cavity after decay removal.78


9-12. Procedure of immediate dentin sealing, cervical margin elevation and build yup of the cavity.9 10 1112


13-15. Immediately after the build up, still under rubber dam, the final prep is made.13 1415


16. The traditional impression.




17-18. The final preparation in occlusal and lateral views.

17 18



19-21. The final LiSi partial crown.

19 20 21

22. The try-in.



23. Luting procedure under rubber dam.



24-25. The crown immediately after luting.

24 2525b

26-30. Recall after 6 months.

26 27 28


Case by Prof. Marco Ferrari and Mr. Gianni Bonadeo
















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