Lab Scanner Usage

1-2. X-ray of the cuspid region. The root of the second bicuspid will be extracted and the edentoulus space restored by crowns on fixtures.

1-min 2-min


3-4. Two scan flags are placed on the cast. As the two fixtures are too close, the fixtures will be scanned separately.

3-min 4-min


5-6. Scanning steps in which the two fixtures are scanned separately.

5-min 6-min


7. The software automatically merges the two scanns to generate  a single one.



8-9. It is possible to appreciate on the screen how close the two fixtures are.

8a 9a


10-13. The software can shape the two abutments in order to leave a proper space between the two fixtures. The blue arrow shows that between the fixtures there are 2 mm.

10a 11a 12a 12b


14-19. The software can design a proper framework leaving adequate inter-proximal space. The software can also visualize where the screw’s hole is placed.

13 14a 15a 16a 17a 18a


20. X-ray view of the two fixtures .



21. View of the two healing screws.



22. The two analogs on the cast.



23. The temporary prosthesis.



24. Buccal clinical view.



25. The temporary crowns on the cast.




26-27. Temporary crowns screwed on the fixtures.

25-min 27


28. Remodeling of the soft tissue after three months.



29. Pick-ups in place to make the final impression.



30. The two analogs on the impression.



31. The metal framework.



32-33. The metal framework screwed on the fixtures.

31b-min 32-min


34-36. View of the metal framework on the cast.

33a-min 34a-min 35a-min


37-39. Soft tissues were conditioned by temporary crowns.

27d 27e xxx


40-43.  Clinical and X-ray views of final prosthesis before and after being screwed on the fixtures.

42-min 43-min 44-min 45-min



Work by Dr. Marco Ferrari



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