Tissue Management of Peri-implant Tissue

1-3. The patient shows peridontal involved upper central incisors in need of extraction and replacement with fixtures and esthetic crowns.


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4. CBCT view of the upper central incisors before the treatment.




5-9. Surgical steps during extraction of central incisors and their immediate replacement with two fixtures.


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10-14. Temporary abutments were screwed into the fixtures and temporary crowns were relined and screwed in.

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15-16. After 7 months the muco-gengival tissue appeared in good health. The two temporaries crowns made a proper architecture of peri-implants soft tissue; the tissues show complete healing process.


15 16


17-18. The pick up for open impression tray technique are screwed in; in two minutes the tissue start to partially collapse making difficolt to take proper impression.


18 19


19-25. The two pick ups are customized replicating the emergence profile of temporaries.


20 21 22 23 24 25 26


26-27. The two customized pick up in place.


27 28


28-31. Two zirconia abutments and crowns were fabricated on the lab.


29 30 31 32


32-35. The two abutments and crowns in place and the smile of the patient after 3 years of clinical service.


33 34 35 36


Work by Prof. Dr. Fernando Zarone



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