Resin temporary screwed restoration made using GC Optiglaze

1-4. A resin temporary restorations reinforced with glass fibers will be made. The screwed restoration will be made with a wide pink gingival part, due to the big loss of bone.

1 2 3 4


5. A mockup is made directly in the mouth of the patient in order to evaluate shape and length of teeth.



6. The mockup was made duplicating the wax up made on the casts mounted on the articulator. Shape and length of the teeth were made through a digital design software.



7. After extraction of residual teeth, the vertical dimension is recorded.



8-9. Based on the new vertical dimension, a new complete wax up is made, following the accepted mock up.

8 9


10-12. Then the two waxed jaws are made using acrylic resin reinforced by glass fibers.

10 11 12


13-15. The two prosthesis on the articulator.

13 14 15


16-17. The two final prosthesis: the connections with fixtures are visible.

16(19) 17(20)


18-21. The patient and his smile after wearing the two temporary prosthesis.

18(21) 19 20 21



Work by  Simone Maffei Odt.



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