Preservation of the socket and placement of Aadva fixture

In this video ‘Placement of an Aadva implant after preservation of alveolar socket’ of a upper premolar is shown. Firstly, it is possible to watch the extraction of residual root and the result of infection into the alveolar socket. For that, it was decided to fill with bone graft the alveolar socket and close it with a collagen barrier. After two months the edentulous area showed a good preservation of the alveolar socket and the space was full of new bone. Consequently it was decided to proceed with implant insertion. In the video it is possible to watch step-by-step the surgical procedure. Then, the step of reline the temporary around a temporary abutment is shown and the provisional restoration is finally screwed in. The result after 4 months showed a complete healing of the gingival tissue and a good esthetic. The case will be soon updated with steps related to placement of the final crown.


Video by Dr.a M.C. Cagidiaco and Prof. Marco Ferrari



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