Hybrid abutments preparation in combination with zirconia crowns

1-2. Patient in need of two full crowns on 1st and 2nd lower premolars. Because Class V lesions and the tight root positions it was decided to prepare with a buccal minichanfer and knife interproximal and lingual edge margin placed iuxtagengivally.





3-4. Two wedges with matrix were used to open the interproximal spaces and to protect adjacent teeth.

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5-6. The chanfer finishing line at buccal margin is clearly iuxtagengival.




7. The knife edge preparation, in the interproximal and lingual margins, is iuxtagengival too.




8-10 Impression with traditional material.

8 9 10



11-15. Stone dies where the margins are detected by the technician.

11 12 13 14 15



16-17. Scans of the preparations.

16 17



18-19. Try-in of the zirc monolithic crowns.

20 21



20-21. The final crowns.

22 23



22-23 The crowns immediately after being luted.

24 25



24. After 6 months of clinical service.



Case by Prof. Marco Ferrari and Mr. Gianni Bonadeo


























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