Full mouth rehabilitation with Aadva NT Zirconia

In this clinical case it is described a full mouth rehabilitation of a periodontal patient in need of several extraction and to restore both arch.
Because of the remaining teeth showed good stability, it was decided to go for a full mouth rehabilitation on natural teeth.
Periodontal therapy consisted in scaling and root planning and several flaps. The residual teeth were all prepared with vertical finishing lines; in some teeth preparations were done during the periodontal surgery and in some others iuxtagengivally. Alveolar socket preservation was also done in all cases extraction was needed.
After 6 months from the last surgical treatment, digital impression by Aadva iOS scanner were taken and the full mouth reconstruction was made with two monolithic zirconia (Aadva NT Zirc) frameworks (one each arch) that were layered only in the buccal surfaces of anterior upper and lower teeth.
The perfect integration of the two restorations on the periodontal tissues is evident after 1 year of clinical service.

Case by Prof. Marco Ferrari, Dr. M.C. Cagidiaco, Dr. Edoardo Ferrari, Mr. Gianni Bonadeo




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