Flow Customized Pick Up

1-3. A deciduous canine is still in the mouth of the patient (60 yrs) but with high mobility.

1 2 3


4-5. It was decided to extract the deciduous and replace with an implant. The site after the extraction.

4 5


6-8. Steps of immediate placement of the fixture in canine position.

6a 7 8


9-10. To control fixture position and its relation with buccal tissue, a healing screw was positioned.

9 10


11-12. Temporary abutment was used to fix a immediate temporary.

11 12


13-15. Steps of relining of the temporary.

13 14 15


16. The temporary after two weeks: soft tissue look in good health.



17-18. Soft tissue after the temporary was removed.

17 18


19-22. Steps of customisation of the pick up and after being screwed into the fixture and in the final impression. In this way the of anatomy of the trans-mucosa pathway will be transferred into the cast.

19 20 21 22


23-26. The cast reproduces the soft tissue and the trans-mucosa pathway.

23-32 23-33 23-34 23-35



27-35. After scanning of the cast, the titanium abutment is developed by the software (Aadva Tech).

23 24 25 26 27 28 29. PNG 30 31


36-38. After being milled, the titanium abutment is mounted into the cast.

36 37 38


39-40. The abutment after being placed into the fixture.

39 40


41. The X-ray shows a perfect adaptation of the abutment to the fixture.



42. The final restoration just luted.




Work by Prof. Dr. Marco Ferrari



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